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There are two ways to view the stream here... One is with the embedded video, however, if the current show is not being video streamed, you can use the play button below the video window to play the audio-only version.

Stream is down
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Looks like there aren't any shows booked in the coming days, or I'm being lazy and not listing them here. These shows can be heard right here.

Welcome to the Shows page. I frequently stream my shows over the internet, which can be really fun because I have a piano, an organ, and several heavy things that I don't typically bring to my shows in the "real world." You can listen to and/or watch the shows right here on this page!!! If you're into geeky stuff you can download the virtual world game Second Life and use that to actually "attend" some of the online shows. It's a pretty neat format for home based music, with a viable currency, and a place for listeners to gather and chat. ALL TIMES ARE PACIFIC TIME GMT -07:00

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