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Oblee is a one man musical juggling act consisting of a guy called Eric who has worked as a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, and guitarist over the years across multiple genres. The original songs are created live with the aid of an argumentative old Boomerang looper. A very diverse set of influences have made the original compositions daring, but an equal love of pop music has kept them somewhat sane. There is a spontaneous element to the live shows, and new versions of songs are often improvised and combined. It is unclear what genre this music fits into, but it is certainly unique and full of life.

"Wow, Bob Wow" is a diverse record - a collection of lo-fi pop songs that drift from folk to rock, reggae to funk. Kiefer's use of looping technology, where he builds musical parts to make up "the band,"" is minimal. Unlike his looping contemporaries who drift into jam-band territory, Kiefer respects the formula for crafted pop songs that clock in under four minutes. - Bryant Liggett, Durango Herald, KDUR Community Radio